Are you a beginner having no idea about accounting career? Then level I perfectly suits for you

If you are a beginner with an aim to succeed in your career, CBAT level I could help you to achieve your goal. It mainly focusses on a fresher candidate to help them launch their career as a junior accountant. The program covers core areas like accounting basics, tally software, GST and more. And apart from these technical topics, it covers improving your language skills which is also very essential for all jobs.

Course Duration: 3 months


We will start with some basics which you absolutely must know to keep going at a high speed in your career. We are completely against textbook teaching and thus you will learn all you need to know in a practical and fun way.

Topics included:

  • Key Accounting Concepts and Principles
  • Types of Accounts
  • Double Entry Accounting System
  • Closing Entries and Reconciliation statements
  • Preparation of Financial Statements
  • Accounting for Inventories

75% of small businesses in India use Tally accounting software to maintain their books of Accounts. You will need to master this software to get ahead in your career.

Topics included:

  • Overview
  • Company Creation & Ledger creation
  • Passing entries in Tally (Sales, Purchases, expenses etc.)
  • Inventory in Tally
  • Payroll in Tally
  • GST in Tally
  • TDS & TCS
  • Job Costing
  • Cost Centre & Cost Categories
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Other important closing adjustment entries
  • Generating and viewing Trial Balance, Profit & Loss & Balance Sheet
  • Other tools in tally

CBAT covers not only the basics but also practical aspects of GST, giving you the confidence to handle all GST related filings and other compliances on your own.

Topics included:

  • Basics of Indirect Tax
  • Introduction and applicability of GST
  • Important terminologies
  • Input Tax Credit
  • GST Invoice
  • Registration
  • Forms – Purpose and Due dates
  • Payment and Refund of GST
  • GST Return: Preparation and E-filing

Income tax law is the backbone of our country. Our aim through the CBAT course is to simplify income tax concepts and rules for you and enable you to easily file returns and adhere to other income tax compliance of the organization you work for.

Topics included:

  •  Basics – Slab rates, Basic computation, Heads of income
  • Tax deducted at source (TDS)
  • Disallowances – Cash payments etc.
  • Other General compliances – records to be kept
  • Important due dates

The best analytical tool in the finance field is MS Excel. CBAT course provides you with adequate training in Excel to help you manage and understand huge financial data.

Topics included:

  • Introduction to MS Excel
  • Basics in MS Excel
  • Sort and Filter
  • Pivot Table
  • Excel Shortcuts
  • Freezing
  • Functions – Lookup, Index Match, If, etc.


It is also important to develop communication skills which is essential in every job. This session improves the communication and interpersonal skills. Different tasks included in this class helps to avoid being self-conscious, and gives a chance to practice their English more effectively.

Topics included:

  • Group Discussions
  • Debate
  • Team building activities
  • Spot presentations
  • Presentation skills