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SAP FICO Interview Question & Answers

SAP FICO Interview Questions & Answers

How time flies!! In the 49 years of a successful journey, job opportunities in the SAP field have greatly increased.As SAP FICO job seekers increase, so does competition in the SAP job market. Not only the score of the SAP Certification Exam are enough, but excellent performance in the interview is also crucial to build […]

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By Roshly Roy, Faculty – SAP FICO The most frequently asked question in the field of additional skills, certification, and job search is about SAP certification. Learning more about SAP FICO can be excellent for your career growth. “The core of what SAP delivers – running the world’s most critical business processes – had never […]

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7 reasons why opting to become a company secretary (CS) can change your life

A company secretary acts as a channel between the Board of Directors and the company. As a result, he has crucial responsibilities. Communicating with stakeholders is also a major part of their role. The Company secretary holds a valuable position in an organization. However, some also choose to work independently and self-practice. A company secretary […]

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GST Interview Questions and Answers

1. Define the term ‘taxable person’ under the CGST Act? Taxable person means a person who is registered or liable to be registered under section 22 or section 24. (Section 22 deals with persons liable for registration and Section 24 deals with compulsory registration) 2. Define the term “taxable supply” under the CGST Act, 2017? [...] Read More
Cloud Accounting

Maintain your accounts on a cloud…

Reporting Cloud Platform provides well-structured reporting tools that convert the raw data into an understandable format. The uncomplicated presentation will help the stakeholders in better analysis and decision making. If you think about running a business, and more about accounting software consider the best online cloud platform for the same, to manage your business operations. […]

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Financial knowledge and practical expertise is the essential talents a person needs to become an accountant. But what if he don’t know to deal with his customer. There is no use to vindicate oneself as a professional account if he is unable to communicate effectively and empathetically with his customer.  Here comes the importance of […]

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Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos?

By Ashna Pillai Both very successful and among the richest men in the world. One thing that differentiates them? Well, Jeff Bezos holds a degree from a prestigious university whereas Bill Gates is a Harvard University dropout.  Degree vs. Skill So is a college degree important? Or is there something more important than a piece […]

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