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Business Accounting and Taxation Courses

Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Kerala

Accounting is a vast industry as well as part of every organization. Do you think it is enough to get a graduation certificate to get into your dream accounting job? Only having a degree course can not give the depth-knowledge in accounting completely. Have you ever noticed numerous business accounting and taxation courses waiting for you? At present, competition is also increasing day by day. To stand highly valuable and intensely competent in the accounting industry, one should take certification courses that point to skill upgradation.

Business Accounting and Taxation courses provide all the knowledge related to the tax and accounting sector that leads to getting a perfect job. Finprov Learning is one of the leading accounting institutes in Kerala, which provides various accounting and taxation courses that eligible accounting aspirants can take.

Benefits of Business Accounting and Taxation Courses

Business accounting and Taxation courses help learners acquire more knowledge in accounting and taxation. And also creates several career opportunities among the learners. Finprov offers PGBAT and CBAT courses that lead to obtaining comprehensive knowledge in accounting and tax. Some of the benefits of taking these courses are given below;

Short Term Specialization

Time is taken as a limited period to complete this course. Therefore, it is considered a short-term course. After completing a degree, many candidates can only get a good job if they have practical knowledge. Accounting and Taxation courses help to get a perfect job in a limited time. 

Specific Skill Oriented

The graduation course needs to provide perfect knowledge of business accounting. Business specialists design special systems like PGBAT and CBAT to provide accuracy on particular topics. These courses teach the learners about daily financial activities, Indirect tax filing, Direct tax filing, etc. It also gives you overall knowledge about accountancy and tax along with soft skills that help you to get a perfect job.

Gain Competitive Edge

Accounting, Auditing, and Taxation are necessary parts of the business. Taxation course always covers the basic concepts in accounting, advanced accounting, MS Excel, Indirect taxes, etc. The candidate who holds this taxation course certificate makes you stand in your accounting field.

Digital Accounting Tool Training

The business accounting and taxation courses give ideas about problem-solving and challenges faced in the accounting and taxation field. This course provides knowledge of using SAP and MIS Reports etc. This makes you a top candidate in the competitive world.

Boost to Become a Consultant

Everyone is not willing to work under others. Sometimes we may start our own company. In that situation, accounting and taxation courses give the confidence to start a company. By learning all the concepts, one can create a consultancy business also.

Advance Career

There are several career opportunities available in the accounting sector. Taking business accounting and taxation courses helps to get different jobs and promotions. Due to needing more knowledge in the field, one can’t get a promotion. You can try for jobs like Analyst, Tax manager, Audit Assistant, Accounting manager, Financial risk manager, Senior accountant, etc.

PG Diploma in Business Accounting and Taxation Course (PGBAT)

Finprov’s PGBAT course offers many benefits, essential certificates, software training, and industry skills. This course duration will be 12 months based on the candidate’s performance. The course modules are specially designed by chartered accountants. 

This course covers basic accounting, GST, Income tax, MS Excel, Corporate laws, ESI & PF, QuickBooks, and Accounting software like SAP FICO ERP, Zoho books, etc. Finprov’s PGBAT course is designed for graduates who wish to excel in business accounting and taxation.

Certification in Business Accounting and Taxation (CBAT)

CBAT course is essential for business education; they helps to acquire all the skills to become a successful business owner or manager. This course provides all the information which is related to financial statements.

Finprov’s CBAT course is a six months course that covers all the topics such as Tally Prime, ESI & PF Computations, Income Tax with TDS, preparation of cash budget and MIS Reports, handling profit and loss account, balance sheet along with multiple accounting concepts. The CBAT course enables several accounting jobs such as Budget analyst, accounting manager, auditing assistant, senior accountant, tax manager, and Finance manager. 

Finprov does not limit itself to the CBAT and PGBAT courses but also offers relevant short-term courses such as UAE VAT, GST, combined courses of Tally, GST, and Income Tax, Zoho Books and GST etc. All the courses have shared vast opportunities in the accounting sector by elevating practical skills. 

Finprov Learning is one of the best accounting course institutes in Kerala, specially designed for both graduates and professionals. We provide various accounting courses such as CBAT, PGBAT, Income tax, Practical accounting training, PGDIFA, DIA, GST, SAP FICO, Tally Prime, MS Excel, etc., for job aspirants in the accounting sector. We also provide theoretical and practical training and placement assistance to the learners, which helps graduates to get a perfect job and professionals upskill their knowledge. Our methodology is based on tech-enabled learning, making you easily understand accounting concepts. If you are seeking the best in crafting your accounting career, then Finprov will be your best companion.