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Best Entry Level Finance Jobs for a B.Com Graduate

entry level finance jobs

Are you good with numbers and maths? Do you have a mind that likes the analytical approach? Jobs in the finance and accounting sector provide a solid path to you if you are good at those. Stability and huge possibilities in career growth make it a more desirable field. Jobs vary from basic accounting to Chief Financial Officers. There are plenty of entry-level jobs available if you are looking for jobs after your Bcom graduation. This article will look more into the best entry level finance jobs for a graduate with details of the nature of tasks and responsibilities added with each role.

Finance Career

Finance jobs are normally associated with assessing, planning, and directing the financial aspects of the firms. The focus is more on a strategic approach to money management.

This is the prime difference from finance jobs to accounting jobs where accounting jobs are more into recording, tracking, and reporting. 

Finance professionals work in government agencies, banks, larger corporations and consultancy services, Private organizations, etc. degree is the common eligibility for entry-level jobs in finance but it’s always advisable to add more certification courses in software and law. Together it will add an x-factor to your CV and helpes to get your job.

Top Entry Level Finance Jobs

If you have a degree on your belt, probably along with some short-term course certificates that add more skill, the next step is to identify the best job for you in finance. You can always take aptitude tests to have a clear understanding of your abilities and interests. Now let’s take a look at the hot entry-level jobs in finance

Financial Analyst

Majorly working in insurance, Investment, Consulting, and corporate companies, financial analyst’s work deals with understanding and analyzing budgets and financial projections. Their expertise is needed in preparing reports, conducting business studies, developing forecast models, etc. Their findings in business studies, industry trends, etc are fundamental for the company’s directions, Influencing investments, cost cuttings, improving profitability, etc. 

Associate Analyst

They are essential in managing the practical aspects of the business operations associated with finances. Their job requires them to prepare the payment schedule calendar with controllers. Managing the handling of payments, Perform Audit of payments and invoices, Keeping all records for future references and internal audit, etc. 

Admin cum Accountant

One of the most available jobs for a fresher in the market with small-scale businesses. Admin cum accountant jobs basically require someone who can administer the day-to-day business matters along with keeping the account section proper. The job gives much-needed experience and understanding in running a small-scale business. 

Junior Finance Manager/Finance Manager

Finance manager takes the overall responsibility in the financial matters of organizations. Their overall tasks including Manage Junior Accounting Officers if any, Responsible for managing Debtors/Creditors (AP/AR), Manage and Plan Cash Flow, Prepare various MIS Reports, Report to Chief Operating Officer (COO),Prepare and Maintain Budget of the company, Responsible for Finance Approval for Direct / Indirect Expenses, Plan and Execute Salary Payment as per the Payroll generated by HR, Make sure that all transactions are updated on the ERP, Take care of Banking Transactions etc. Junior finance offers will be managing these tasks under the supervision of the manager.

Financial Auditor

Financial laws and regulations are normally strict and filled with extensive details. The same follows in the policies of financial transactions and investments. Financial Auditors play a pivotal role in this aspect for the organizations. They are responsible for keeping all the operations and activities as per the government regulations. They make risk assessments, review financial statements. Along with that they also check the books, transactions, overall business procedures, etc.

Loan Officers

This entry-level job is another popular one available. Loan officers assess and evaluate the loan applications. Several private banks and other financial institutions offer this job. The job prospects are further expanded with the emergence of loan apps that give loans to students and other people who are normally excluded from loans.

Final Words

Entry level jobs for BCom graduates are available with good career prospects. However, finance is a sector that has several streams in it and it can go very deep. So, a master degree such as an MBA or MCom is always preferable when it comes to the future and career growth. Along with that, it is an added advantage doing short-term courses that adds more work skills. Essential software such as Tally, QuickBooks, SAP, etc and business laws, tax laws can be learned through short team or weekend courses. A combination of this will make your job probabilities much higher.

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