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7 Fintech Apps You Need to Know in 2021

Seven Fintech apps that you should know in 2021

The rapidly happening digital transformation in the country has already changed the finance sector immensely but the more technologically advanced we are getting, the more and more opportunities, services, and solutions are arriving to deal with the needs. These articles bring you 7 fintech apps you need to know in 2021. They have the potential to play an important role in the sector with their unique ways of enabling further possibilities and achieving success through finding practical solutions.

From apps that work with credit cards to helping small shopkeepers with money people owe to them, these apps cater to diverse consumer bases and empower them with the help of technology.


PayNearby leads digital payments and enables people from all corners to get easy access to financial services through branchless banking networks. A highly sophisticated and extremely user-friendly fintech company in the digital era, PayNearby empowers small businesses and retailers by offering digital finance services to locals. To digitally reach over 400 million last-mile users with the digitalization of micro-cash exchange, PayNearby provides “sachetized” financial products. The app offers a variety of financial services including Deposits, Domestic remittances, card payments, bill payments, Insurance assurance, and granular investment. The app gathered much popularity during the pandemic time assisting people to obtain anything starting from daily groceries to money. 


Cred is simply an online app but it works with your credit card linked to the app. Once the credit cards are linked, you can make payments through the app and it offers to add ons such as finding hidden chargers, credit coins that can be redeemed with various purchases for payments on time, etc. Payments can be done through the bank transfer or using the UPI. The app helps the consumer to organize and use the credit card with more efficiency through the help of technology.

Founded by Kunal Shah, the Cred app is also popular with its ad campaigns that are famous for its creative element with the presence of superstars of the past generation.

Vyapar App

Launched in 2016, the Vyapaar app is one of the popular business accounting platforms for micro-entrepreneurs. The app offers services such as custom invoicing, inventory, accounting needs, track income, and expenses, create and manage estimates, and many more. One of the most useful features of the app is that the SMEs can easily be GST compliant along with other features such as quick accesses, easy managing options, etc. Along with that, the Vyapar app also offers many third-party trading platforms, where users can access a variety of markets.


With digitizing and automating the distributor-retailer value chain of the B2B collections. It enables an easy and hassle-free collection and simplifies invoice management. Catering to the digital change happening in the country, the app helps the B2B enterprise to make use of the change in effective ways.


An American cloud accounting software rapidly getting popular, QuickBooks is simply an effective online accounting platform that helps small and medium businesses to make their accounting process more accessible and clutter-free. QuickBooks offers subscription-based services and the users will be able to access the service from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. In the time of remote working and everything going digital, the flexibility offered by QuickBooks enables the users to adapt to the changing times.


ZestMoney is making waves in the industry by providing affordable EMIs. It is one of the biggest and growing fast consumer lending fintech platforms in India. They assist people with achieving their goals by providing instant financing. Blending technology and solutions, they make life more affordable and accessible for each user. They collaborate with several startups in the country providing the EMI to their customers. Its fast-paced processes and easy-to-use demeanor, making them extremely popular in digitally equipped communities.


One of the most promising apps in the country, the Khatabook helps stores and shopkeepers in India with their credits and getting their cash back digitally. The app helps to track the money owed to them through a digital ledger. Reminders will be sent through WhatsApp, SMS, etc when the due date approaches and helps keep an organized track of the dues.Khatabook already crossed $1 billion worth of transactions in the past year and experiencing rapid organic growth in the country. Having Hindi and Hinglish language options in the app also helps them to communicate better with the customers.

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