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10 Secrets to Sure Shot Success in CA Foundation

ca foundation course

CA Foundation is the beginning of your dream to become a chartered accountant. From Foundation to Intermediate to articleship and finally the main exam, the journey is long. If you want to complete all these successfully, you need to have skills and ideas about how to go forward with your studies. This article talks about those skills and things that help you in your journey. Here we go with 10 Secrets to Sure Shot Success in CA Foundation

  1. You need to plan your study

The most important aspect of your journey of becoming a chartered accountant – A learning Plan. Clear and practical planning of study makes your preparation easy and effective. Remember you need to cover many subjects and topics. Also consider that there is only a 10-12 percentage success rate in CA, preparing for it is a serious task and time is essential. So, make a realistic study plan, organize the time schedules. Adhere to it without any excuses.

  1. Be focused on your Journey

Focus is the second major aspect when it comes to preparing for the CA foundation exam. More than that there will be a thousand distractions. Social media, entertainment, People, and indeed those who are with so much advice about what you should do.  You can afford all the social media and entertainment in allotted times from your plan. It helps to freshen up but make sure to keep track of it. 

  1. Set Your goals 

When we say goals, there are two kinds of them. Short-term and long-term goals. Both help in your preparation in different ways. Short-term goals are something you want to achieve in a short span of time. Ie, within one week, one month, or even one year. For example, a particular topic that you need to complete or a set of topics you plan to complete in a week, even clearing CA Foundation can be set as short-term goals. Long-term goals are goals that you want to achieve in the future. This requires proper planning. Becoming a qualified CA can be an example of a long-term goal. Set your short-term and long-term goals and prioritize them. Choose the most important one first and then next and then next and achieve your dream.

  1. Study Smart and Thorough

As the course name suggests, CA Foundation lays your base in the finance and accounting landscape. So, it is important to have a thorough understanding of concepts, topics, etc. Normally we tend to forget what we studied in 2 weeks. So, when you study, make sure you do not just read but understand the core concepts. 

  1. The Need for Breaks and Refresh

You need to take breaks. Your preparation is an intense one and your mind needs to rest in regular intervals or it is not going to work at its optimum level. Only you know your concentration levels but never stretch them to the maximum too many times. Take regular breaks, refresh your mind and start with learning again. Sleep is also one of the matters that affect the way our brain works. A proper sleep pattern influences our study greatly. So regular intervals and sleep patterns need to be proper.

  1. Begin with the toughest

Which topics are the hardest for you to study? We cannot ignore those because they might be the important ones. Begin your study with those, the hard work pays off once you complete those concepts in two ways. One is that you are now done with those topics and the second is that your confidence is high for the upcoming topics.

  1. Prepare own notes

Make your notes along with covering the chapters. There is plenty of material available but always make sure that you make the notes by yourself. It improves your understanding of the topics and comes extremely handy when you do the revision and review. 

  1. Reach the second wind

Second wind is normally associated with long runners. They normally feel tired after a while and gradually they overcome that tired phase to a better and longer phase. That’s the second wind. It is steadier and the pace is consistent. 

This can also happen when you plan to study for CA. You might feel the struggle after a few weeks of the bright start. It is important to continue studying and overcome that period. Once you get over the phase, you will get a natural pace and flow for your study. 

  1. Reviews and Mock Tests

Consistent review of what you studied is very much an effective technique to remember the subjects. Attending mock tests will improve the knowledge and help to see the topics from an exam point of view. Both are important aspects that improve your memory and accuracy of answers. 

  1. Motivation, Consistency, Hard-work

The best way to crack CA is consistent hard work. Coaching class, Study materials, Mock tests, and all available everywhere every time but without putting in consistent and dedicated hard work, the chances of going through is less. It is also a long process. So regardless of what, put in a consistent effort and hard work in your studies, never lose hope even if you face challenges. Always be motivated and believe in yourself. Think like CA, act like CA and work like CA to become a CA. 

Here we have covered the 10 secrets to sure shot success in CA Foundation in the first attempt. Following the above tips will undoubtedly helps you in scoring good marks in CA Foundation Result.

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